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Request for Support for SEND Support Services
  1. This is a request to support school in achieving outcomes for the named young person. This request will not always involve direct work with the young person and/or their parents. As the initiator of this request I agree to keep parents/carers informed of agreed involvement. In making this request, I agree to complete the required SEND Support Team evaluation feedback and follow-up.
  2. This request cannot be considered until all of the information requested and the necessary documents (parental consent form/current and previous evaluated intervention sheets /Inclusion wheel (reception and nursery children)) are received.
  3. In order to complete this form you will need to have the following information to hand:
  1. Section 1. Pupil information, including address details, UPN, attendance rate and support information
  2. Section 2. Parent / carer information, including address, contact number and email (where they have access to email)
  3. Section 3. School information, including contact details of the designated contact
  4. Section 4. EHA information, including key worker contact details if relevant
  5. Section 5. Reason for request for support, including information on intervention tried to date (these can be loaded to this online form as PDFs)
  6. Section 6. Information on other agencies / services involved with the pupil, including contact details
  7. Section 7. Children's Social Services information, if relevant
  1. Please attach the below listed supporting documentation as PDFs*:
  2. 1. A copy of the parent/carer's completed consent form
  3. 2. A copy of your school/settings intervention sheet(s) completed to date, demonstrating a graduated response
  4. * Please note, the maximum file size for each document is 2 megabytes. Multiple documents can be uploaded however each document should be no more than 2mb. If you are scanning intervention sheets and evidence as a single document then the file size may be too large to load to this form, in which case please scan these documents in smaller batches.

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