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Local Area Councils Public Question Time
  1. This form is part of an experimental project to improve access to Public Question Time at Local Area Council Meetings by enabling questions to be submitted online.
  2. Questions can only be asked about issues for which the Council has a responsibility.
  3. The management of public question time is at the discretion of the chair of the committee. Please note however that a question may possibly be rejected if:
  4. 1. it is not about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which affects the county; is defamatory, frivolous or offensive;
  5. 2. it is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the committee in the past six months;
  6. 3. it requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information;
  7. 4. the cost of providing an answer is disproportionate;
  8. 5. it relates to staffing or industrial relation matters;
  9. 6. relates to planning, licensing and/or other regulatory applications.
  1. If the Chair is of the opinion that a question is one which for whatever reason,
    cannot properly be asked in an area meeting, he/she will disallow it and inform the resident of his/her decision.
  2. The committee can request for written answers to be provided after the meeting if appropriate.
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