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  1. A summer and winter programme of shrub maintenance is undertaken on a three-yearly basis. Shrub beds are pruned as required, edged up and cleaned out and a preventative weed treatment is applied. Pruning is the removal of selected living or dead parts of a plant to maintain appearance, health, and to regulate growth. It is used to increase flowering, rejuvenate, shape and improve structural strength of shrubs.Major shrub pruning is not carried out between 1 March and 31 July as recommended by Defra.The time of year dictates when a particular types of shrub are pruned - flowering periods and bird nesting are always taken into consideration. We will assess and prioritise all reports and determine what course of action is necessary, if any. Delays may occur if the overgrown shrub is not on council-owned land but is identified as needing attention. In these cases we may need to contact Land Registry to establish ownership. Any shrubs encroaching over footpaths or causing safety concerns are dealt with on an individual basis.
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