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Residential Waste
  1. This service is for NORTHUMBERLAND Residents Only
  2. Only complete this form if the Service you require is within Northumberland County Council's Boundary
    If you fail to put out your bin for collection by 7am and as a result your bin is not emptied, then you are advised that the bin will not be picked up until your next collection day. Alternatively, you can either take any excess waste to the nearest Household Waste Recovery Centre or pay for a special bulk collection.


    If this report is for a recycle bin that has not been emptied, please ensure it does not have a tag on the bin advising you that the bin has been contaminated. If it does have a tag, then please remove the contamination and the bin will be collected on your next scheduled recycle collection in two weeks. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR BINS THAT HAVE BEEN CONTAMINATED.
  1. The more information you include in this form, the faster we will be able to address your issue.
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