Planning Enforcement

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  1. The Council has discretionary powers when dealing with breaches of planning control. Formal legal action is a last resort and only when there is a significant breach or when other means of resolving the breach have not been successful
  2. When formal legal action is considered please note that you may be required to submit a witness statement, this is to add greater weight to the enforcement case and to ensure a successful outcome. This will mean that your personal details will be disclosed.
  1. Do you wish to be informed of the outcome of our investigation
  2. * we prefer to update you by email
  3. In order to ensure that we are able to provide the most efficient and effective service, it is helpful to have as much information about the potential breach of planning control as early as possible. If the required information is not submitted we will usually request this from you as part of the complaint registration process before we are able to proceed with any investigation.
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